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Anderson Communication Equipment was founded by a group of wireless infrastructure industry professionals to design and manufacture high quality and performance RF equipment and products, crucial to the performance of Cellular Networks. Anderson offer state of the art industry standard and custom design under diligent cost of ownership management from facility in HongKong, China and soon the Europe. We offer Low PIM (-160dBc) In-Building DAS and Outdoor Network infrastructure IBS MIMO OMNI and Directional Antenna, Stadium Antenna.

Additionally, our company has constructed the plastic and hardware accessories workshop with 90% parts and accessories are independently designed and manufactured by our company.Our products have high cost performance and obvious market competitive advantage with high standard of production process control and cost control.

Our company is capable of providing design services with advanced OEM/ODM ability, providing structure design ,packing solutions and other systematic solutions according to the idea of clients in order to support any customized design.

Our products are selling well in domestic market,distributing at least 20 provinces in Chinese market. At present, the market share is around 10%, and it is increasing year by year.)

Equipment and production conditions

We possesses of convenient communication detecting instrument and facilities, which can provide professional technology support and service in hardware for clients.We have more than 20 test instruments (such as microwave chamber、antenna test system、network analyser、PIM tester).

Company covers an area of 16 acres, production room covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, of which 60% fit the standard communication equipment manufacturing workshop.We have modern production facilities, production research and development of special instruments and meters, all kinds of radio engineering instrument, instrument and  more than five hundred sets.Also all kinds of environment laboratory equipment, high temperature aging equipment, testing equipment complete, industrial facilities are here . There are 6 professional production lines as well as professional production equipment such as full-automatic computer winding inserter and wire-stripping machine.

QC & Test Ways

Giving ISO9001 quality management system certification, we have got thorough modern business management system. We’ve insisting of  technological innovation from beginning to end to earn the worldwide consent by our manufacturing technique, product quality and after-sales service.

Company set up quality management agencies, led by President directly under the implementation of the quality management work. From the design of the product development, supplier evaluation and raw materials, production processes, aging, and final inspection, market information feedback and each link did documented, standardized and institutionalized, digital management.


About us







MIMO Antenna 617-6000Mhz 4 ports directional antenna 617-6000Mhz 4T4R panel antenna 617-6000Mhz 4 ports panel antenna 617-6000Mhz 4 ports omni antenna 617-6000Mhz 4T4R Ceiling antenna 617MHz-6000MHz 4x4 MIMO Ceiling Antenna MIMO Pannel Antenna 617-6000Mhz 4 ports indoor antenna wideband 4ports panel antenna 617-6000Mhz 4ports panel antenna 617-6000Mhz indoor antenna 4 ports omni 617-6000Mhz 4ports ceiling antenna 617-6000Mhz 4ports ceiling Directional Fiberglass Antenna Omnidirectional Fiberglass Antenna High Quality WIFI Antenna LTE Antenna Traditional Antennas Dual-polarized Antenna Dual-polarized Antenna WIFI Antenna Price The Landscaping Antenna 700-6000Mhz SISO antenna 698-6000Mhz DAS antenna Indoor Wide band Omni Antenna 698-4000Mhz indoor antenna 1400Mhz Indoor Ceiling 700-4000Mhz SISO Antenna LAPD Antenna WIFI Antenna Supply 3-Antenna WIFI Antenna High Quality 4G Antenna Sales 4G Antenna Supply 4G Antenna Yagi Antenna Price Supply Yagi Antenna Directional Ceiling Antenna Omni 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700-4000Mhz 4x4 patch antenna 700-4000Mhz 4 ports patch antenna 700-4000Mhz 4ports patch antenna 700-4000Mhz 4x4 panel antenna 700-4000Mhz 4 ports panel antenna 700-4000Mhz 4ports panel antenna 700-6000Mhz super thin antenna 5G MIMO omni antenna 700-6000Mhz MIMO indoor antenna 700-6000Mhz MIMO omni antenna 698-6000Mhz MIMO indoor antenna 698-6000Mhz low profile omni antenna 698-6000Mhz MIMO omni antenna 698-6000Mhz MIMO ceiling antenna 698-6000Mhz 2 ports ceiling antenna 698-6000Mhz MIMO thin antenna 5G logarithmic periodic antenna 5G tunnel antenna 5G log-periodic antenna 5G LDPA antenna 5G yagi antenna wideband logarithmic periodic antenna 698-4000Mhz Logarithmic periodic antenna 700-4000Mhz logarithmic periodic antenna 698-4000Mhz log-periodic antenna 698-4000Mhz LDPA antenna 698-4000Mhz yagi antenna 700-4000Mhz log-periodic antenna 700-4000Mhz LDPA antenna 700-4000Mhz Yagi antenna UHF super thin antenna indoor wall antenna 698-2700Mhz MIMO panel antenna 700-2700Mhz MIMO panel antenna 700-2700Mhz point to point antenna 700-2700Mhz directional antenna 700-2700Mhz high gain antenna indoor patch antenna low pim patch antenna patch omni antenna high gain omni antenna wideband high gain omni antenna 700-2700Mhz outdoor omni antenna wideband outdoor omni antenna boardband omni antenna wideband outdoor omni antenna 4g panel antenna 4G in-building antenna 4G indoor antenna 4G mimo antenna two ports ceiling antenna LTE in-buliding antenna LTE inbuliding antenna LTE indoor antenna lte wideband antenna 4G low pim ceiling antenna 4g MIMO Ceiling antenna -150dBc panel antenna inbuilding wideband antenna radio indoor antenna radio frequency antenna boardband panel antenna 380-2700Mhz indoor antenna 380-2700Mhz panel antennq UHF directional antenna UHF indoor antenna UHF panel antenna UHF omni antenna UHF ceiling antenna omni ceiling antenna 380-6000Mhz 380-6000Mhz omni antenna 380-6000Mhz dome antenna 380-6000Mhz Ceiling antenna 700-2700Mhz MIMO antenna 698-2700Mhz MIMO ceiling antenna 700-2700Mhz MIMO ceiling antenna LTE mimo omni antenna 2ports ceiling omni antenna LTE 2-port omni MIMO omni antenna 2-port panel antenna 700-2700Mhz directional antenna high gain log-periodic antenna low pim yagi antenna high gain LDPA antenna indoor high gain antenna 11dBi LDPA antenna 11dBi wideband yagi high gain wideband yagi high gain yagi antenna Waterproof yagi antenna lte tube antenna LTE wideband antenna 4G ceiling antenna 4G omni antenna 700-2700Mhz post antenna SISO indoor antenna indoor omnidirectional antenna Das dome antenna LTE dome antenna in-building dome antenna 700-2700Mhz dome antenna 698-2700Mhz dome antenna wideband dome antenna wideband omni ceiling antenna 1port ceiling antenna indoor siso omni antenna in-building omni antenna indoor ceiling wideband antenna -150dBc omni antenna low pim siso ceiling antenna lte siso antenna indoor 700-2700Mhz antenna in-building wideband antenna indoor wideband antenna wideband 698-2700Mhz panel wideband 700-2700Mhz panel lte 700-2700Mhz panel in-building SISO antenna indoor antenna lte directional antenna wideband patch antenna low pim lte antenna Low PIM panel antenna repeater wall mount antenna repeater panel antenna 700-2700Mhz repeater antenna 700-2700Mhz ceiling antenna single port omni antenna 700-2700Mhz Log periodic antenna 700-2700Mhz LDPA antenna 700-2700Mhz Yagi antenna 698-2700Mhz log-periodic antenna 698-2700Mhz LDPA antenna 698-2700Mhz yagi antenna wideband tunnel antenna indoor directional antenna indoor yagi antenna wideband log-periodic antenna LDPA antenna 698-2700Mhz omni antenna repeater omni antenna indoor omni antenna wideband repeater antenna wideband tube antenna 698-2700Mhz panel antenna MIMO Patch Antenna 700-2700Mhz 2 ports Panel Wideband MIMO antenna LTE omni antenna LTE Thin antenna 700-2700Mhz omni antenna 700-2700Mhz thin antenna ceiling siso antenna omni directional antenna omni antenna 5G panel antenna house panel antenna 8dBi panel antenna Low PIM panel antenna indoor directional antenna 700-4000Mhz panel antenna Dual polarization antenna 698-4000Mhz MIMO omni antenna 698-4000Mhz MIMO ceiling antenna indoor MIMO ceiling antenna 698-4000Mhz Das ceiling antenna 5G MIMO Ceiling antenna 1 port wideband antenna wideband 1 port antenna super thin Das antenna super thin Das antenna 698-4000Mhz thin antenna 700-4000Mhz thin antenna 698-4000Mhz omni antenna super thin omni antenna 5G omni ceiling antenna wideband low profile antenna 700-4000Mhz ultra thin antenna 700-4000Mhz omni antenna 700-4000Mhz omni antenna 700-4000Mhz omni antenna 698-6000Mhz house antenna Low PIM indoor antenna house omni antenna low pim wideband antenna siso ceiling 698-6000Mhz 698-6000Mhz ceiling antenna 700-6000Mhz omni antenna SISO ceiling antenna 700-6000Mhz 700-6000Mhz house antenna 698-6000Mhz omni antenna house ceiling antenna indoor ceiling 5Ghz Antenna 700-6000Mhz ceiling antenna LTE MIMO panel antenna wideband panel antenna 700-4000Mhz thin omni antenna 700-4000Mhz thin omni antenna super thin indoor antenna super thin indoor antenna DAS MIMO omni antenna wall mount MIMO panel two ports panel antenna MIMO panel 698-4000Mhz antenna MIMO panel 698-4000Mhz antenna 698-4000Mhz panel antenna 698-4000Mhz panel antenna 5Ghz Directional Antenna 700-4000Mhz MIMO Panel Antenna 700-2700Mhz Panel Antenna 5G MIMO panel antenna Fiberglass Antenna DAS Omni Antenna DAS MIMO Panel Antenna Indoor Ceiling Antenna DAS Ceiling Antenna Wall Mounting Antenna Omni ceiling mount antenna Outdoor Directional Antenna MMO Omni Antenna Ceiling Antenna Omni ceiling antenna Indoor ceiling omni antenna Omnni Ceiling Antenna Single cone ceiling antenna Omni Antenna MIMO Spotlight Antenna Camouflage Antenna XXXXX-pol Base station antenna XXXX-pol Base station panel antenna Outdoor panel antenna XXX-pol Outdoor panel antenna XXX-pol MIMO base station panel antenna High gain base station panel antenna Panel Base Station Antenna SISO Ceiling antenna SISO Ceiling antenna DAS Omni antenna Omni Antenna Omni-directional Antenna Ultra Thin Antenna MIMO Panel Base Station Antenna Six-port panel base station antenna Ten-port Base Station Antenna XXXXX-pol Base Station Panel Antenna Ten-port Outdoor Panel Antenna Six-port Outdoor Base Station Antenna Outdoor Base Station Base Station Panel Antenna 10-port MIMO Panel Antenna 1710-2170MHz Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna 14dbi Spotlight Landscaping Antenna V-pol Bi-directional Panel Antenna Bi-directional Xpol antenna Two-port Bidirectional Antenna Wideband Directional Antenna MIMO Panel Antenna SISO Panel Antenna DAS SISO Antenna WIFI WIMAX WLAN Indoor Panel Antenna SISO Panel Antenna Base Station Antenna 15/17dbi V-pol Base Station Antenna Base Station Panel Antenna Wall Mount Antenna 380-2700MHz Directional Sector Antenna MIMO Sector Antenna 2400-2500MHz Outdoor Sector Antenna 2.4GHz Sector Antenna 2400-2500MHz Fiberglass Antenna 2400-5850MHz Omni-directional Antenna 2.4Ghz&5.8Ghz Omni Antenna 3400-3600MHz MIMO Omni Antenna 2.4Ghz MIMO Omni Antenna Two-port Bidirectional Antenna Six-dbi Omni Antenna 2.4Ghz Omni Antenna 2.4Ghz Antenna Fiberglass Antenna 2.4Ghz&5.8Ghz Omni-directional Antenna 9dbi MIMO Sector Antenna 16dbi Directional Sector Antenna 14dbi VH Dish Antenna 25dbi Parabolic Antenna 30dbi Dual Band MIMO Panel Antenna Dual Band Antenna SISO Grid Antenna Grid Parabolic Antenna VH Dish Antenna SISO Dish Antenna MIMO Dish Antenna Dual-pol Dish Antenna Parabolic Antenna Dish Antenna Grid Antenna Dual-po Sector Antenna Directional Sector Antenna Outdoor Sector Antenna MIMO Sector Antenna Sector Antenna Omni-directional Antenna for 6dbi Fiberglass MIMO Antenna MIMO 12dbi Omni Antenna High Quality 6dbi Omni Antenna Bi-directional Xpol Antenna V-pol Bi-directional Antenna V-pol Panel Base Station Antenna Bi-directional Antenna Fiberglass Antenna Indoor Panel 1-port Antenna LOW PIM SISO Panel Antenna In-building Panel Antenna SISO Panel Antenna LOW PIM SISO Panel Antenna SISO Panel Antenna Dual Polarization Panel Antenna High Performance Antenna Directional Antenna Wideband Yagi Antenna Low PIM LPDA Antenna Logarithmic Periodic Antenna Wideband LPDA Antenna Log-periodic Antenna LPDA Antenna XX-pol 11dbi Base Station Antenna Dual Polarization Panel Antenna 4-port LTE Panel Antenna Low PIM LTE Antenna LOW PIM Antenna Yagi Antenna XX-pol Panel Antenna 15dbi XX-pol MIMO Base Station Panel Antenna SISO Panel Antenna LOW PIM SISO Panel Antenna SISO Panel Antenna Indoor SISO Panel Antenna SISO Patch Antenna Panel Antenna Patch Antenna SISO Patch Antenna Low PIM Panel Antenna Ceiling Low PIM Antenna Base Station Panel Antenna XXX-pol Panel Antenna Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna XX-pol Panel Antenna XX-pol Outdoor Panel Antenna 65deg Base Station Antenna Outdoor 1710-2170MHz Panel Antenna Outdoor Base Station Antenna SISO Ceiling 694-6000MHz House Antenna Outdoor Antenna V-pol Panel Antenna Outdoor 698-960MHz Panel Antenna Small Cell Antenna Base Station Antenna 698-960MHz 2-port Base Station Antenna Base Station Antenna X-pol Panel Antenna Omni Antenna 10-port Low Profile Antenna 700-4000MHz Low Profile Antenna 698-4000MHz 10-port Antenna Quasi Omni Antenna X-pol Quasi Omni Antenna Pancake Antenna Spotlight Antenna Thin Antenna Post Omni Antenna Panel Antenna Wall Mount Antenna MIMO Directional Antenna Omni Ceiling Mount Antenna 700-4000MHz Low PIM Das Antenna SISO Ceiling 698-4000MHz Ceiling Omni Antenna MIMO In-building Panel Antenna 7dbi MIMO Panel Antenna Indoor MIMO Panel Antenna MIMO DAS Antenna DAS Panel Antenna MIMO DAS Panel Antenna Panel MIMO Antenna Wideband Omni Antenna Wideband MIMO Omni Antenna Wideband Antenna Ultra Thin Antenna Low Profile Antenna LOW PIM MIMO Panel Antenna Post Omni Directional Antenna Outdoor Omni Antenna Broadband Omni Antenna MIMO Panel Antenna Omni Thin Antenna MIMO Omni Thin Antenna Indoor Ceiling Omni Antenna 3dbi 3dbi Indoor Omni Antenna Single Cone Ceiling Antenna LOW PIM SISO Omni Antenna SISO Omni Antenna In-building MIMO Ceiling antenna MIMO Ceiling Antenna698-4000MHz SISO Omni Ceiling Antenna Ceiling Low PIM Antenna SISO Antenna Indoor Ceiling 4G Antenna Indoor MIMO Omni Antenna Low PIM MIMO Antenna DAS Mimo Omni Antenna MIMO In-building Antenna MIMO 700-2700Mhz Antenna MIMO In-building Ceiling Antenna MIMO Das Antenna Wideband Ceiling Antenna DAS MIMO Ceiling Antenna LTE MIMO Ceiling Antenna MIMO Omni Ceiling Antenna In-building MIMO Omni Antenna Indoor SISO Dome Antenna Good Quality Ceiling Antenna Indoor Dome Antenna LTE Ceiling Antenna Low Pim Omni Indoor Antenna Indoor Ceiling 1-port Antenna Ceiling Indoor Antenna Ceiling Mount Antenna Omni Low PIM Antenna In-building Ceiling Antenna Omni Low PIM Antenna SISO Omni Ceiling Antenna Indoor Omni Antenna Das Low PIM Antenna Low PIM Omni Antenna Low PIM Ceiling Antenna Ceiling Omni Antenna LTE MIMO Panel Antenna MIMO Panel Antenna Super Thin Antenna SISO Antenna SISO Omni Antenna MIMO Thin Antenna 4G Antenna DAS MIMO Antenna MIMO Omni Antenna DAS Antenna Pancake Antenna Fiberglass Antenna For 2400-5850MHz Omni-directional Antenna For 6dbi In-building Antenna Low Pim Antenna Dome Antenna MIMO Ceiling Antenna

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