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    700-4000Mhz LDPA Antenna

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    2019-01-02 15:58:16

Indoor/Outdoor Wide band Log periodic Antenna , coverage 698MHz - 4000MHz


Features and Product Description

1、Wide band Wide band   Log periodic Antenna , coverage 698MHz -4000MHz .

2、Typically used in   indoor distribution of LTE services.

3、Low return loss,   High gain with 11dBi,Stable performance.

4、Supplied with   mounting bracket and easy to install.

5、N-female compliant.

Our  Company



Company covers an area of 16 acres, production room covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, of which 60% fit the standard communication equipment manufacturing workshop.We have modern production facilities, production research and development of special instruments and meters, all kinds of radio engineering instrument, instrument and  more than five hundred sets.Also all kinds of environment laboratory equipment, high temperature aging equipment, testing equipment complete, industrial facilities are here . There are 6 professional production lines as well as professional production equipment such as full-automatic computer winding inserter and wire-stripping machine.

Related certificates

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