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Beautify the role of the antenna
2020-04-09 11:30:15

         Base station / beautification antenna is a way of public mobile communication base station is a way of radio station, that is, in a certain wireless communication coverage area, according to the mobile communication technology exchange management center, the wireless communication between the mobile terminal equipment and the mobile phone Send and receive mail radio stations for communication. The basic construction of mobile communication base stations is a key part of the project investment of mobile communication operators in China. The basic construction of mobile communication base stations is generally closely related to the involved area, the sound quality of the call, the economic benefits of the project investment, the difficulty factor of the basic construction, and the convenient maintenance. And other factors.

         Beautified antennas are also known as "antenna beautification" and "camouflage antennas", which refer to camouflage and modification of the outdoor wire body, feeder, and support bar outside the mobile communication base station in a variety of ways without affecting the antenna's radiation performance. This not only beautifies the urban environment, but also reduces residents ’fear and resistance to wireless electromagnetic radiation, creating a good external environment for accelerating network construction, and at the same time extending the life of the antenna and ensuring the quality of the communication network.

         Beautify the role of the antenna

         1. The harmonized and consistent requirements of the antenna bracket and the environment are realized, which meets the aesthetic needs of the people for the residential environment.

         2. It solves the confrontational psychology caused by the lack of people's understanding of wireless radiation, making the selection of the site easier.

         3. Realized the harmonious development of man and nature.

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