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Anderson Communication Equipment was founded by a group of wireless infrastructure industry professionals to design and manufacture high quality and performance RF equipment and products, crucial to the performance of Cellular Networks. Anderson offer state of the art industry standard and custom design under diligent cost of ownership management from facility in HongKong, China and soon the Europe. We offer Low PIM (-160dBc) In-Building DAS and Outdoor Network infrastructure IBS MIMO OMNI and Directional Antenna, Stadium Antenna.

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    We   focus   on  the  R&D  and  production  of  Indoor  and  outdoor wireless  antenna,and  provides  OEM or  ODM cooperation mode.In  particular ,  we  can   design   a  personalized   solution  according  to  the  requirements of  users. Our products are characterized by wide  frequency   band, low   PIM, small  size ,   excellent radiation  pattern  and so  on . They  are welcome by domestic and overseas buyers.

  • Company Culture

    Our mission is to bring valuable products and  solution to customers,improve efficiency and save costs.

    We will  adhere to the R&D as the direction of   investment, constantly  enhance  our  own  R&D strength,quickly response to the market demand,so  as to  achieve   “where there is a signal ,where there is Anderson's antenna”.

  • 1、Foshan Anderson Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd

    Tel: 0757-87738221

    Fax: 0757-87738281

    Add: No.6 Jinxiang 1st RD,zhoubian,jinben,xinan Town,sanshui District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China

    2、Anderson Tec (HK) CO.,LTD

    Tel: 852-27828786

    Fax: +852-30117884

    Address: Unit2209,22/F WuChung House 213 Queen's RD East WanChai ,HongKong

    Country/Region: China


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